The Where & When of Democracy

The arrogance, ignorance, of the of the “great white way” can be very disturbing.  We are taught Democracy was “born” in Greece more than two Millenia past.  I can accept that at the time the world was small, and knowledge was regionally compartmentalized - e.g., amongst many regions, and the existence of the Americas was unknown. But ...
Have you ever asked yourself the question - How did people govern themselves before Greece “invented” democracy, and for the following two thousand years?  Well, I am embarrassed to acknowledge my arrogance, my ignorance, by answering the question - No!

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy

 “Called the Iroquois Confederacy by the French, and the League of Five Nations by the English, the confederacy is properly called the Haudenosaunee Confederacy meaning People of the long house ... [and is] Often described as the oldest, participatory democracy on Earth. ... For the Haudenosaunee, law, society and nature are equal partners and each plays an important role.  Through the confederacy, each of the nations of the Haudenosaunee are united by a common goal to live in harmony.  Each nation maintains its own council with Chiefs chosen by the Clan Mother and deals with its own internal affairs but allows the Grand Council to deal with issues affecting the nations within the confederacy." Visit the Haudenosaunee Confederacy website.

“It's a system based on matrilineal descent where the women, the clan mothers, chose our leaders ... [who] served the people, as opposed to the other way around, which is what happened in Europe at the time.”, stated McMaster University professor Richard Monture during a CBC interview.

We people now pay heed to political parties, with little participation or an expectation of effective representation by the elected representatives.  And, witness the inter-party brawling, disrespectful nature of legislative bodies in most democracies.  Plus, (is this for real?) the recent acceptance by some legislators of overt racism in the Congress of the United States. 

The time has come to remake democracy; make it participatory, and inclusive.  Give the power to the people.  Move away from the multi-party autocracy, the rule of the party elites, and evolve to Inclusive Democracy.

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