Can Democracy be Saved … from Itself?

Well I believe it can be saved. That notwithstanding, during the last several months of searching, researching, and reading, I have covered a lot of ground. Over a number of years, many red flags have been raised regarding the worsening condition of democracy and yet there is a paucity of possible solutions being considered. Actually none were found – not one.

More recently, there has been an increase in the numbers of alerts and warnings put forward from many sources. But, still no solutions! As regards the state of democracy, an acquaintance suggested “things will settle down and all will be well” . Sort of like, following the covid pandemic everything will return to normal. I think not! A new normal, sure, but not the old one. The people must have a say in what a new model of governance will represent.

To be somewhat trite, everything changes. It seems right to evolve democracy to a new model which is inclusive of all people? Like it or not democracy is evolving of its own accord. And without direction provided by the people the uninterrupted destination appears to be autocracy.

It is unthinkable that the people of the world would prefer to have the planet managed exclusively by the likes of, for example, Stalin, or Hitler, or Castro, or Orban, or Maduro, or Putin, or Trump, or a political party elite. Surely there are some innovative reasonable models of inclusive democracy that should be considered for adoption.

I am a democratic individualist. My skin in this endeavour, so to speak, is nothing other than seeking to evolve democracy and replace the broken exclusive multi-party system that is nearing extinction. We need a new inclusive model to replace this governance dinosaur. Autocracy, even by political party elites, is not acceptable.

My article, “Can Democracy be Saved … from Itself?”, was recently published on Medium. The article now also resides on this website under a menu title of the same name. The article, and the website, are devoted to the adoption of Inclusive Democracy as the proposed next stage in the evolution of democracy. It is just one idea. There must be additional solutions to propose! Bring them on. Time is a-waisting and the warlords are on a march that cannot be allowed reach its destination.

Tick! Tock!

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