Save Democracy

Given the opportunity, independent Elected Representatives can be the champions of the people. Unfortunately the political party elites dictate policy. The solution: eliminate the political parties.

Throughout the world the voting public is not being included in the policy formation process. Why? Political party elites dictate policy. They prevent Elected Representatives from generating policy based on the expressed needs and desires of the people who elected them.

This exclusive vote getting obsessive need of political party elites is opening the opportunity door for autocrats and dictators who desire to take over government.

It is unrealistic to assume exclusive democracy will right its own ship and magically become inclusive of the people. After all, democracy has been exclusive for more than two centuries. The seductiveness of growing undemocratic power has historically ended with a hot revolution.

Make it a “cool” revolution. Adopt INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY now. Include the people. Include the voting public in the policy generation process.

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