Democracy: Everyone talks but does nothing about it.

Along the Path

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”. The same may be said about the apparent difficulties confronting the practice of democracy at this time. But reports of  the impending demise of democracy, hopefully, are most certainly exaggerated.

It seems that repairing Exclusive Democracy may be a futile exercise. The current practice of democracy typically favours the voting base of the governing party. The rising voice of the populace and the resulting demands have put the parties on their back-foot. The parties are not equipped to deal with the emerging broad range of societal expectations.  It has become evident that for democracy to survive, democracy requires major surgery, not band-aids.

Key to remediation  is excising  political parties. The political party elites  have high jacked the policy formation process. They dictate policy down to the people. By definition, democracy is a bottom-up process. Government must listen to the people; it must become inclusive. By moving to a unicameral legislative model, populated by elected independent representatives, Inclusive Democracy can be achieved.

The Senate should be retained but as an advisory body. After all, the Senate, the House of Lords, etc. were put in place to ensure the commoners did  not overstep their bounds – Exclusive Democracy. The populace wants to be included on it’s terms, not those of political parties.

Well, the populace is running rough-shod over those bounds and will not stop before they are the bottom-up source of political power. Direct representative democracy is the answer to the growing problem. Evolve to Inclusive Democracy to afford the nation the opportunity to climb the societal happiness index and to save democracy.

Jon Constable – author of “Evolve Canada Democracy” – PDF at

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