Saving Democracy – Introduction

What brought this Blog to life? A growing concern for the survival of democracy. Prime situations contributing to the  concern are listed below*. After a lot of thought, researching, and drafting, the “Evolve Canada Democracy”  treatise resulted. While the treatise is focused on Canada, the principles are applicable to other countries wishing to conserve democracy by evolving from Exclusive Democracy to Inclusive Democracy. Countries contemplating becoming a democracy may find it appropriate to consider installing Inclusive Democracy at the outset. A PDF copy of the treatise is available through the website:

*These indicators of waning democratic practice, and the evident increasing disregard of the Common Good, are by no means the only situations that could have been included: 

  • In Hungary, the strongman push toward autocracy, and dictatorship.
  • The fractured parliament in the United Kingdom, exacerbated by dissension between the member British nations, and the divisiveness of Brexit.
  • The four years of too much deceitful, abhorrent behaviour of the Trump administration in the United States and the nationally embarrassing posturing following the 2020 election loss. It is all about the man-boy who would be king.
  • In Canada, the disgraceful performance of the Conservative party, during the 2019 national election, relying on Trumpian electioneering tactics rather than putting forward thought out policy proposals.
  • The increasing visibility of extreme militia-like forces in the USA and Germany.

Saving democracy from what?

First, a little about the intentions of democracy, notwithstanding general usage of the word may be so far off the definition, and its intent, it may be hard to gain traction with some readers. The definition is straight forward: 

“… the democratic method is that institutional arrangement, for arriving at political decisions, which realizes the common good for making the people itself decide issues through the election of individuals  who are to assemble in order to carry out its will.” “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” – Joseph A. Schumpeter

Note: Political parties are not necessary for governance to succeed in a democracy. Elected Representatives are the People.

Unfortunately, the political parties have high-jacked the process. With little input from the populace, the party elite form policies the elected representatives then deliver to their constituents. It has become a top-down process, with the expectation the voter’s will cast their vote for the party, not the elected representative, who has become a party proxy.

Democracy properly demands that the people express their needs to the government through their elected representatives, who in session will coalesce the learning from the populace into policy initiatives. – a bottom-up process.

“Exclusive Democracy” is Ailing.

Recent experience in the United States is an example of deteriorating democracy. I think many, if not most, would agree that the US was flirting with autocracy under the outgoing administration. This Blog post is not about the US or any other specific nation. It is about the evident deterioration of democracy, fear of the rising evidence of autocracy throughout the world, and about finding a solution to what I think is potentially a very serious world problem.

“Inclusive Democracy” Can be the Saviour. 

Democracy can evolve from the current Era of Exclusive Democracy to people friendly Inclusive Democracy. 

Encouragingly, the populace is increasingly willing to speak up and making their aspirations known. Not only are they speaking up, they are willing to put an on the street protest exclamation mark on their desires. People Power is good, and it is right. This recognition of the potential power of the people is a significant contributor to the likely extinction of Exclusive Democracy.

It is not too late. The people can save democracy and make it better than ever before by evolving their country to Inclusive Democracy – by the people, for the people.


Next blog, with a little finer point on the pencil: “Are Political Parties Killing Democracy?”.

Subsequently, additional blogs will include the history of democracy, describe the current situation, and propose a solution in the form of Inclusive Democracy. A smattering of commentary will also be posted randomly.

Stay tuned.


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